Vasallus – Book 2


Book Two of the ‘Superstars‘ Trilogy

Vasallus continues the epic story of the seven children, spawned by Satan, grow into young teenagers, each of them with emerging musical careers that turn the world upside down with their incredible talent and popularity. An ancient evil, Satan, has been plotting his revenge on mankind and Christianity for centuries, fuels his offspring’s popularity till he brings the world to its knees.

Vasallus opens with fifteen year old Patrick Benning, unable to control his dark side, brutally assaulting another student at his high school.

Father O’Sullivan is rushed to the hospital from the Vatican in near death, viciously attacked by the beast inside the Vatican. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, Chloë, is horrified to hear about the attack on Father O’Sullivan and demands to go to Rome to see him.

Vasallus opens on tour to record audiences and a worldwide following quickly develops. Their music begins to change the world. Violence breaks out as legions of fans fight to get a ticket to a live performance.

Vasallus, is a spectacular, and terror filled epic story, of an evil so horrible, it will leave readers breathless for the final installment of the Superstars Trilogy!

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