There should be an agent that finds an agent!

Literary Agent

In a different life I would come back as a agent that finds an agent for an indie author. The amount of time required to present to secure a representative of your work is overwhelming. In a perfect world, there would be query agents who would take my manuscripts, present them in a fantastic query package and do all the dirty work for me. Wouldn’t that be great!

How many of us out there have spent hours and hours sending out queries only to be disappointed days later when the reply comes back…”Thank you for your interest but I apologize to inform you…” Aargh!!

I think another layer in the game of publishing should be the ‘query agent’. Someone who has a sphere of influence in the publishing world and serious contacts with agents and publishers that could refer manuscripts on behalf of an author. Now that I would pay for!

Maybe they already exist? To good to be true? If they do exist maybe someone out there could let me know!

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