The Mechanics of Writing – Part 4, “Should I Use an Editor?”

I believe this a no-brainer but others do not think that way. I believe that if you care enough about your work and you want others to read it or others to critique and review it then it better be you best work. How can it not be your best work if you do not have it professionally edited? I’m not talking about your super smart teenage daughter in Grade 11 who gets straight A’s in English. I am talking about an accredited professional editor who will scrub and polish your work to its very best. I have an interesting road to find the right editor and I will share it with you.

Book One of the Superstars Trilogy was my first work. I had my fiancée’s daughter who is a university grad edit my work. She did a great job and had lots of well thought and well meaning advice for making changes. As smart as she is, she is not a professional editor. If you want your book to go anywhere you really need to put your best foot forward. I researched editors and chose one with great credentials. I made the mistake of not following up on his references. When I sent my polished manuscript out for reviews I was being attacked for poor grammar??? Of all things I ever thought I would hear about my work was poor grammar. So I went back to the editor and to his credit he realized he had made some mistakes in the manuscript, owned up to them and reimbursed a portion of his fees. I made sure my next editor was very good. It cost me a re-edit on the first book but my new editor did a great job and also did the second book in the Superstars series. A lesson learned but a valuable one.

Do your research and do not scrimp out when it comes to paying for an editor.

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