The Mechanics of Writing – Part 1

I have published two full length novels and about to release my third book. I have moved out of the newbie stage of writing and can consider myself an experienced novelist. That will never stop me from reading about and seeking information on how to be a better writer. I know I can be a better writer than I am right now. I am proud of the work I have done but I know I can do better. My first advice to any new writers out there would be to understand this premise: You do not have to have special education to be a writer. Having a degree in English or even in a special field that gives credence to the topic you are writing does not give you an advantage over someone who does not have a degree. It doesn’t matter when it comes to writing fiction. Anyone can write fiction and anyone can write it well. The story is what counts and that comes from you. All the post editing, scrubbing and polishing can be done after and can be handed over to a professional. You can get help with that. Personally I had very little writing experience when I wrote my first 160,000 word manuscript. I did my research, took my lumps and learned from my mistakes to the point I believe I have published very good work. You can do the same.

The point of this post is to help you get over the first challenge in deciding whether or not you want to be a writer. You have a story within you that you want to write. Now what is stopping you?

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