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Don’t threaten me, Best

black hole“I’m not asking you, Avery. I’m telling you. Do as I say, and do it well, or you know what the consequences will be.”

“Don’t threaten me, Best. You are all encompassing, are you not? You can put together your own benefit concert. I’ll look for something better to do, like maybe, finding a way to destroy you.”

He was getting annoyed with Johnson and this conversation: “Let me ask you a question. Since you’re the best music manager and producer in the industry, can Vasallus excel with five members as well as the six of them? One less female singer shouldn’t affect the harmonies, will it? I have been thinking the Irish lilt in the vocals is a bit distractive to the overall sound. What do you think Avery?”

“I think you should crawl back into that black hole from where you come and stay there. I think when you do, the Lord will cover that hole and snap a heavenly lock on it that from which you will never break free.”

The mention of His name in this conversation infuriated Him. He was done playing games with this human: “The luck of the Irish just ran out, Johnson. Chloë’s death is on your hands.”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!