Songs for Survival – Book 3

songs for survival book 3

The third book in the ‘Superstars‘ trilogy.

Songs for Survival is the stunning conclusion in the epic story of the Superstars trilogy. The members of the superstar band, Vasallus, see their music change the world and forever alter history. The reality of their birth and true destiny plunge them into deep despair. In their darkest time, when life for them has no meaning, they receive a visitor. An angel fills them with hope and the courage to fight back, not only for their own souls, but the survival of all mankind.

The anti-Christ, disguised as Robert Best, music producer for Vasallus, pushes the band even harder on a worldwide tour that erupts in violence and death in every city. The control for the souls of mankind is within his grasp and he will stop at nothing to destroy man once and for all.

The fate of Vasallus and mankind falls on the shoulders of uncommon heroes and their incredible courage, bravery and faith as they stand up against an ancient evil as old as God himself.

Songs for Survival is a masterpiece story, taking the reader through a myriad of terror, fear and hope. The thrilling conclusion to the Superstars trilogy is everything that author Errol Barr has promised!

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