Sometimes Simpler is Better

Designing a book cover can be frustrating, difficult and stressful. The natural impulse is to create something dramatic, the perfect eye-catching design that will draw readers to your book. Your graphic designer friends want to create something spectacular for your book cover.

What about something simple or just plain. Did you know that also can draw readers to want to know what is behind such a plain looking cover. The reader must surely be curious what lurks behind the simplicity. They will want to turn the book over and read your blurb. Often a reader scans the bookshelves looking for that eye-popping book cover to catch their interest but often its the most simplest of covers that catch their interest. I originally went with lots of graphics but eventually changed it and went the simple route.

What do you think? Simple or Super? Either way, make sure you have fun with this and not to stress.

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