Self-Publisher…Are you ready to spend money?


I have self published three books to date and counting. Have I spent money in producing those books? You bet I have…and lots.Think about it. Cover design, editing fees and the bottomless pit called marketing. Yes there are inexpensive do-it-yourself methods that can get you books out there and gain some attention to your books. It is however slow going and you must rely on a tremendous amount of luck to really move it along faster. I made a decision early on that I knew I would have to sacrifice and spend money to get my books out there. Copies to reviewers, advertising, social media efforts, professional editing services, graphic artwork for a professional cover design. Travel to and setup costs for book signings. The list is long but I do it within reason because I believe in my work and know there is a bigger audience waiting to discover it.

Dreaming in technicolor is, however, free.

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