Searching for the Magic Bullet Solution!


I bet the blog posts that get the most attention among authors is the question of whether or not to seek representation through an agent in the hope of securing a book deal the traditional way or going it alone. As an author of three books and working on my fourth I still do not know the answer to this question when new authors looking to publish their books ask me my opinion. My advice is to do lots of research, research and more research. Read blog discussions on this topic until you’re ready to pull your hair out. Ask questions of others who have chosen a certain path and hope that they reply. At some point you need to decide your path if you want your work published and sold.

I have been so consumed in writing that I have not made that decision yet but I have to and soon. The final book in my trilogy, Superstars, will soon be completed as I await my editor to finish. My reason for holding off was to complete the trilogy first and then make that decision. Well now that it’s soon to be finished I will have to make that decision. I have thought allot about it. Either way it is daunting but I am confident in my work and know that I have a great story that people will want to read it’s just a matter of getting busy. Busy self-marketing or busy finding an agent.

Stay tuned for that decision is coming. Soon. I promise.

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