Post Olympics Blues

The world seems to find itself in a two week funk during the Olympic Games at least for me anyway. It reminds of the two week Christmas period. Normal patterns are out of sync as so much of the world is caught up in what is happening with the Games. I follow the hockey during the Olympics both men and women, cheering for Team Canada and for two weeks I am scheduling my free time around those games. I got up at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday to watch the gold medal final. I will pay the price for that for a few days as Sunday is my normal re-charge day.

Like the Christmas break, the world begins to fall back into its normal patterns once again. Routines are reimplemented and life goes on. As a writer that means getting back into good writing habits and routines. The final cost me a day of writing today because I am exhausted from a busy weekend, late Saturday night and of course the early to rise Sunday.

Oh well, it’s only every four years, right?

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