New Years Resolutions – A Waste of Time?

This time of year you see allot of written articles on this topic as well as lots of discussion around the office. To me the topic is over used, boring and a waste of time. Very few of those that declare a New Years resolution actually follow through. I no longer go down that road. I stay clear from a guaranteed failure. A renewed sense of purpose for some, a setup for failure and disappointment for others. Where do you fall? I mean seriously, if you were going to lose weight, why would you wait for the date of January 1 to begin? Is it because you wanted the opportunity to indulge during the holidays knowing you would begin not only working off what you put on over the holidays but also what you had accumulated before the holidays? People need dates as reminders or reference points to begin something ambitious that goes beyond their normal routine. Its all a mental game we play with ourselves, planted by society that offers up this New Years Resolution opportunity for everyone to make corrections in their lives or start something new. If my jeans begin tightening up in June I don’t wait till January 1 to begin to shed some pounds. I take care of it right then and there. If my relationship isn’t where it needs to be I will not wait for my New Years Resolution list so I can address it then, giving me a free ride till then. I address it right then and there. If I’m smart enough to recognize it then, you address it and take care of it. Seems pretty simple to me but you’d be amazed how many people in society use the start of a New Year to make amends, make things right in their life or kick in a new ambitious project. Where do you fall?new-years-resolutions

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