Manuscript Outline – A Must Have Book Writing Tool


I have written and published three books to date. I cannot imagine how I would have been able to write these books without completing an outline first. The outline becomes my compass, a ‘plan of action’ sort of speak that keeps me focused on writing the chapter and not worrying about the overall story. When I write I have a plan. I know how many words per chapter I want to write or a minimum. I know how many chapters I am going to write to complete the book. I know this because I took the time to complete an ‘outline’. This does not mean that the outline cannot be changed mid-stream or flexible enough to tweak along the way. The biggest advantage by using an outline is I know the entire story has been mapped and I can go ahead and write each of the chapters in my outline. I don’t worry how the story will end or how I will get to the end. I already thought that through before I started writing the story in the first place!

It works for me, maybe it will work for you! Stay tuned for a future post on exactly how I construct an outline!

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