Leaves are Falling!

If you are fortunate enough to live in a northerly climate that embraces the changing of the seasons it is truly a wonderful time of the year. In Canada, this weekend is our Thanksgiving Holiday weekend where we take special care to reflect and be thankful. It is also the weekend that consistently year after year ushers in the first real signs of fall. Just within the last few days the weather has turned noticably cold, the frequent rain mixed with the cold weather goes deep inside of you. Fireplaces get turned on this weekend for the first time to keep all of the house guests that arrive for the holiday, warm and cozy. Halloween decorations begin to pop up along the streets adding another indicator that fall has arrived. Now it is a crapshoot for the next two weeks whether or not the little trick or treaters roaming the streets on Halloween night will be doing so in snow shoes.

It is also the time that people will begin to talk about Christmas plans. As the turkey gets carved this weekend, conversation will include what are people’s plans for Christmas. Personally, I take advantage of the diminishing dry weather after this weekend to scale the roof of my house and install one of my favorite things I love about Christmas, the lights.

The browns, yellows and orange colors of fall are everywhere. Isn’t it wonderful!

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