Inspiration – Where does it come from?

What inspires you? Why do you need to be inspired?

If you’re a writer, inspiration is critical to the creative mindset required to put words onto paper. If you are writing a self-help book, inspiration is likely the reason you are writing that book in the first place. The inspiration to heal oneself through words, to reach out or help someone else based on your experiences. A biography was inspired by the work or actions of another individual that motivated you to write about that person.Where does the inspiration come from to write a novel? In my case, my inspiration did not come from a person or a thing or an event that influenced me in some way. The inspiration to write the Superstars Trilogy was born from an idea. A simple, crazy idea that just popped into my head out of nowhere. There was no inspiration by any outside force to want to write this story. I just wanted to write it! My inspiration was to see if I could take an idea for a story and actually pen it into a full length novel in not one book but three!

What is your inspiration? Do you need one?

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