How I Became An Author

How can someone with very little writing experience, all of a sudden decide one day he will write a book and become an author? No different than anyone who decides they want to become a policeman or a fireman, a pilot or even a doctor. You decide that is what you want to do and you take the steps necessary to become what you want to do. Those steps are different of course with whatever one decides they want to do and most of them include an education or specialized training or something else. All of it requires one very important ingredient otherwise you will fail or you won’t be very good at it. You must have a dream or a burning desire to accomplish your goals you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Mine was simple. I wanted to write a book. I had an idea for a story that I knew would be so ambitious it would span several books. With absolutely no clue I began doing research on what I needed to do to write a book. I joined writing groups to try and learn some tricks of the trade but was met with disappointment including established authors telling me my sample work was no good and quit while I was ahead. A successful writer in some way seen some potential in me or maybe just felt sorry for me and encouraged me to keep going, not to take the criticism to serious. So I did and I kept going. My first book was redrafted so many times I can’t remember but at the end of the day I churned out a mammoth first book totaling almost 500 pages. I self published the book because let’s face it, no publishing house will touch a new author. The book came out, I was overjoyed! The first big step was to have people read it. It was nerve racking. My family and friends loved it (of course!) but even though it was encouraging I needed to get the book to complete strangers and review houses. When those reviews came back positive I knew I had something and I was off to the races and have since completed the second installment, also at 500 pages and I am in the final stages of wrapping up the third installment.

I will continue to post the mechanics I used to become a writer. Stay tuned!

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