Father Thomas O’Sullivan

Likely the most beloved character in the Superstars Trilogy. A highly educated Roman Catholic priest, O’Sullivan exudes compassion, trust and strength. Readers of the series continually ask me his plight in the story. “Does he survive?” or “I love him, please don’t bring any harm to him in the books!” In truth, when writing the series and the character Father O’Sullivan, I also felt drawn to the Irish priest with the iron will and the courage of a lion. It made me feel good writing about him. A hero who picks himself up off of the floor over and over again when he is knocked down, all in the service of others. It begs me the question that I ask myself from time to time. “How do I pick myself up in the face of adversity?” Or “How do I treat others who try to take advantage of or harm to me or the people I care about?”

Doesn’t it feel good to attach yourself or follow people who do great things not for themselves but for others?

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