Do you have a story?

I have always held the belief that EVERYONE has the ability to be a writer and an author. I believe this because I know everyone has a story within them waiting to come out and onto paper. We all have been exposed to our unique set of life circumstances that have given us a blueprint of a story. We may have experienced great triumph and success, tremendous sadness or terrible loss. Maybe we have gone through defeat after defeat but we all share one common thread. These experiences, whatever they might be give us the material we need to write a book. The events that have shaped our lives might just be the inspiration to write a non fiction book that can be shared with the world. It might be that your creativity to write an engaging and entertaining fictional novel could have come through a number of things that have shaped you as a person. Influences from parents, friends or co-workers are just a few of the contributors to your conscious and subconscious mind.

The bottom line is you have a story within you. Its up to you if you want to tap into your inner self and let the creativity flow. How good the story becomes, how long it is, etc is all just mechanical at that point. I knew nothing about writing three years ago, nothing. All I knew is I had a story within me and I wanted to tell it.

How about you? Will you tell your story?

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