Do Movies Inspire You?

I am an admitted movie junkie for two reasons. One I look to be inspired first and foremost and secondly I love movie popcorn. It is why I spend the bucks and choose to watch movies in a theater. It is my big real ‘cheat’ of the week. I usually eat two large bags of popcorn in one movie. My treat and combined with an excellent movie, I consider this to be the perfect night out. I have my sweetie beside me, witnessing me shovel handful after handfuls of popcorn into my mouth with 30% of it falling down my chest and onto the floor. Very few movies these days inspire me or ‘move me’ like some of the greats of the past. Today’s movies are driven by special effects minus a good story line and its a pity. I like to be entertained with the razzle dazzle of today’s CGI capabilities but I’ll take a great old fashioned story told in the most simplest of ways onscreen any day. How many of you were like me in 1996 that went back to the theater over and over again to see Braveheart. Easily one of the most inspiring movies of all time. Filled with great cinematography, costumes and kick-butt battle scenes, the movie was chock full of great characters. You left the theater feeling inspired at the bravery Mel Gibson’s character portrayed. At least I did.

As a reader don’t you also like to feel inspired and moved when you read a great book? I know I do!


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