Dive Right In!


Starting a new book can be daunting. So much so it can delay you even beginning to write. The sheer scope of the work ahead of you is a deterrent, a distraction and a fairly large obstacle to overcome before you finally sit down and begin. Has anyone else experienced that? Especially if you have written books before then you know for sure how much work is ahead of you. I admit that this road block has played havoc with my mind in starting my new novel. I keep telling myself I am going to start writing and then that energy is quickly replaced with the realism of what is ahead of me and as a result I delay my writing for another day. Days, weeks and even months can easily slip away while you gather the necessary mental energy to just ‘Dive right in’.

I finally made the decision to start to write the new book. All the thoughts of the task ahead of me were pushed to the side with the excitement of finally writing those first words. Then those first few words turn into many words and a chapter is born. Then another and another. I then find myself asking ‘why did it take me so long to start writing the new book’?

Overcome obstacles by being stronger than the negative thoughts that slow you down and stop you from doing the difficult things.

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