Detective Sam Showenstein – Quest for Answers

The character of Samuel Showenstein, the Jewish Homicide Detective for the LAPD in the Superstars Trilogy, combines a sharp mind and a relentless thirst for the truth, is one of the many memorable characters in the Superstars Trilogy. Unearthing the clues to the evil entity that is unleashing the Hell on earth, he teams up with the courageous Catholic priest, Thomas O’Sullivan in an unlikely tandem to search for the truth that will not only save his family but all of mankind. The story line of the differing faiths of two of the main characters in the epic tale add to the many layers that make-up the story of the trilogy. Surrounded by death and mayhem to his family, collegues and friends, Sam battles the police department’s inability to discover the real truth to the murders and the tangled lines of Judaism and Christianity.

When I developed the character of Sam Showenstein and his wife Bethany along with his son Sebastian I wanted to inject an identity into the main character of Patrick Benning as well as develop another adversary to the Devil. The Showenstein family gives the Patrick Benning character a believable background in his upbringing and relationship with the Showensteins. As Sam uncovers the truth behind the persona of Patrick, he teams up with O’Sullivan to take on the evilness that is wreaking havoc in his life. I hope the readers of the Superstars Trilogy enjoy this character and the important role he brings to the story.

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