Christmas Parties, Wedding and Christmas!

I did not disappear in December just seemed that way! After what seemed like countless parties to celebrate the holiday season, my beautiful fiance and I became man and wife in a intimate wedding ceremony in Central Park, New York City! Coming all the way from Western Canada to the big city for our big day was a BIG deal for us! It all began with bad weather forcing us to miss three flight connections in Toronto to LaGuardia making us think that maybe someone didn’t want to see us married!However we finally made it, picked up our license at city hall and were married. It was such a cool and beautiful way to get married we are both so happy we chose New York City to get married. We love that city and the people. They make you feel so welcome everywhere you go. The reputation of New Yorkers being rude is a myth. People everywhere from subway commuters to people on the street were not only helpful but very pleasant. We will never forget that. We made it back to Calgary in time to celebrate Christmas with our combined families now and it was the culmination of such a wonderful month. To spend Christmas with your children (grown children actually) was fantastic and its still a thrill to hand them a gift to unwrap.

Now as the holiday season winds down it’s back to the reality of what we do. For me, after a six month absence from the gym I am returning starting this Monday. I spent six years sweating in the gym only to finally burn out but I miss how working out made me feel and I spend way to much time in front of a computer screen. I also am in a push to complete the third installment of my Superstars Trilogy. I am looking forward to putting that behind me and move on to other projects I have waiting in the wings. You know its that time of the year where we re-examine what we have done or not done over the last year and re-evaluate what we need to do for this upcoming year. I have just done mine. What is your plans for 2014?175

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