Chloë McClosky – The Irish Songstress

The heroine Chloë McClosky, the strong Irish lass who leads the members of Vasallus through the turbulent seas of their evil roots is a character that readers have already compared to the character Katniss in The Hunger Games. Faced with an unspeakable truth in the origins of her birth the brave and mega talented singer stands up against the Devil that gave her life to save not only her life but the lives of the other members of Vasallus in a epic battle of good vs evil. With a voice of an angel Chloë electrifies her fans around the world with her incredible voice but is tormented by the reality of her past. Knowing the blood of the Anti-Christ flows through her she clings to the hope that the blood of her human mother will set her free.

Surrounded by danger and incredible evil her courage and bravery makes her character one of the most memorable female characters in fiction lore. It was a pleasure writing the character of Chloë McClosky knowing readers would endear themselves to Chloë in a big way.

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