Can Writers Paint?

Can a successful fictional writer paint? In the figurative sense, likely not, but he or she better know how to “paint” a scene through words. A great book will allow the reader inside, to feel like they are in the room with the characters of the book. A great writer has the ability to not overwrite a scene where a reader gets bored with the details and tunes out the scene or has moved on. A good writer “paints a scene” that keeps the reader embraced. The reader can envision the surroundings, the mood, the decor, dress and is entranced with what you have created for them. A writer determined to be a good novelist will strive to become very good at that. As a voracious reader myself I enjoy authors who are very good at this very important aspect of writing and one of my favorites is crime writer, Michael Connelly. He is a master of creating a scene that puts you in it, always. I feel like I am watching a movie when I read his books. When I wrote the Superstars Trilogy, I was very conscious of this important element of writing and focused on becoming a very good “scene painter.” One of the ways to do this is building believable and engaging characters. One of the ways not to do this is bog the story and the reader down with to many details of your characters and their surroundings, for example, explaining the look of the room right down to the color and height of the baseboards. Who cares! Unless the baseboards are an integral part of the scene, a forensic specialist pulling finger prints or examining blood splatter on them, then don’t talk about them!

Superstars is full of great and memorable characters both good and bad that will invite you for a ride of a lifetime. I promise!

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