Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #9

no sleep

The terror felt by Sam on the revelation of Patrick by his son, Seb:

Sam followed his son into his bedroom, closed the door behind him, leaned against the door frame and waited for his son to talk. He watched as Seb, dressed in sweats and his Clippers basketball shirt, his black curly hair impossible to mess up at the length he always kept it, looked up at him and said: “Dad, I don’t think you need to worry about Patrick waking up.”
Sounding a little confused, he replied: “Why’s that son? Of course I would worry about waking Patrick up just like I would be careful not to wake you up if I knew you might be asleep.”
“What I meant Dad is that I don’t think Patrick ever sleeps. Remember when you dropped me off at school and I tried to tell you? He never slept in all the years growing up when we would have sleep overs as kids at each other’s houses. Now that we’re older and don’t do the sleep over thing anymore, I have been listening to see if he falls asleep since he’s been staying with us and he doesn’t Dad.”
“How could you possibly know if he never sleeps son? I’m sure he has trouble falling asleep like a lot of people and especially now, with the death of his mother, he might find it hard to nod off, but he has to sleep at some point Seb. Otherwise, he couldn’t function and you know as well as I do that it’s impossible for the body not to fall asleep.”
“I get that Dad, but trust me on this okay? Since we were kids, he has always told me he never, ever sleeps and never has. That is why I was always so exhausted as a kid when we would do the sleepover thing, because he would keep me up all night with him. Since he has lived with us, I hear him all night, either singing or beating his drum sticks on the bed frame, dresser, closet door or whatever else he finds in the room that will make a sound.”
“Are you sure Son? I mean, I’ve never heard him. Making that kind of racket at night, your mother or I would hear that. He’s just down the hall.”
“No, he waits until you are asleep. I don’t know how he knows you are asleep because he doesn’t leave his room to check on you, but he knows because he has never woken you or Mom has he?”
“I guess not, but why doesn’t he wait till you are asleep?”
“He doesn’t care if I hear him. I think he wants me to hear him.”

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