Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #8


Robert Best convincing Avery to manage the career of emerging superstar Juan Jimenez:

“Quite simply, Avery, I know you’re busy and I know you don’t like me so if I can sell you on Juan and his potential, you will look past all the other stuff and do it. You’re the best, Avery, I’m not going to lie. There isn’t anyone any better in the industry and Juan needs the best. His career is going to be that big. That’s the catch. So come on what do you say? Can we be partners?”
“I want full creative control Best.”
“You got it Avery. All I’m asking for is the final say on the production cuts and for Blackstar to be listed as a contributing producer.”
“No, I won’t agree to that. No one gets the final say on the final cuts but me. I want full creative control and that includes from A – Z. I will decide when the album will be released, when and where he tours, merchandise control, everything Robert or you can find someone else.”
Best clenched his teeth, relaying to Avery that he was pissed. Then he looked at him for a few seconds without saying a word, then broke into a smile and reached his hand over the table to shake his and said, “You got a deal Mr. Johnson. You ask a lot but I expect a lot in return so let’s make this happen, shall we? I will have my lawyers draft up the contract within forty- eight hours and it will be couriered to your office for your signature. You will find the financial numbers very generous Avery. I am not interested in doing this necessarily for the money so that will not hold up the deal, I promise you.”

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