Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #7


The discovery that her teenage son is a demonic killer, Chelsea Benning struggles with the realization.

Chelsea opened the door to Patrick’s room and entered, calling out his name as she did so in case he was just sleeping on the chair on the other side of his room, “Patrick, are you here baby? Just wondering where you are as you didn’t answer when I knocked on your door.”

She was about to turn and leave when she noticed something on the far side of his bedroom on the wall. Curious, she walked over and was mortified to see dozens of black pencil sketches of mutilated bodies, grotesque images of limbs torn off bodies with blood spilling and splattered everywhere. She was completely taken aback: “Did Patrick draw these? He must have, but why?” These drawings were so dark and evil looking that it scared her to her soul that Patrick was capable of drawing something so horrible. There was a theme to every drawing. They all had an evil looking face with a pair of bright red eyes depicted on them. “What did that mean?”

Then it hit Chelsea like a tidal wave. It was the eyes. The beast. “Oh my God”, she thought. Dropping to her knees, she buried her head between her legs and sobbed. The nightmare of the attacks fifteen years ago had returned. Her biggest fear was that Patrick would somehow know his origins. Now it was a reality. He knew. “He was drawing the red burning eyes because he knew!” She thought she would be sick so she stood up and bolted out of the bedroom into the bathroom where she emptied her stomach. She finally got a hold of herself and stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, thinking she would see the beast standing behind her, ready to thrust a claw through the back of her skull. She splashed cold water on her face, washed her hands and returned to Patrick’s bedroom. She sat on the corner of his bed gripping the bed post fearing her shaking would plop her off the bed and onto the floor. The drawings were so demonic looking and evil. “What was going through his head when he was drawing those images? How much does he know about himself? Has the beast visited him and shared his evil beginnings?”

Too many questions floated through her head in quick succession. Then she saw it and the sight of it sent her falling to the floor, fainting from the reality of what her son was.

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