Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #5


A heated exchange between Ann Lockwood and the family priest:

Looking at her sitting there, all alone in this big house with her son, having lived through so much tragedy, David’s heart went out to her when he replied: “Ann, I am so sorry. I knew your father was planning something drastic, but I never thought he would take it this far and the timing is appalling. Sherman is a very determined man, Ann, and I must warn you, he will not stop until Michael is safely in his permanent care.”
She was furious when she replied: “The nerve of that son-of-a-bitch, excuse me, Father. He had nothing to do with the raising of Michael, ever. He has invited Michael to Oakley family gatherings over the years, but they are few and far between. Michael barely knows him!”
David shifted in his chair, so he could look at Ann directly, when he replied: “Ann, you are right in what you say, it’s outrageous. Your father is a very powerful man with deep connections right up to the Royal Family. He will stop at nothing and the power of his money and influence will know no boundaries, Ann.”
She looked at him with a look that David could not avoid, a look of disgust directed at him. “Father, you are his priest. Talk to him for Christ’s sakes and tell him Michael belongs with his mother. He is almost sixteen years old, his musical career is exploding and he needs me now more than ever. It’s just been him, and I, all these years since he was born. We are survivors Father, and be damned if I will let my power hungry, ruthless and heartless father ruin Michael’s life. I won’t. That is exactly what he will do if he gets his hands on Michael. He will force him into giving up his music to come and work for Oakley Steel.”
Cringing at Ann’s choice of words in using the Lord’s name in vain, he suppressed it because she was right. Sherman, would do exactly what she said by making Michael work in the family business rather than allowing him to continue to pursue what he was born to be, a musician. “Ann, the Church will not allow me to get involved in this matter; my hands are tied, and I am sorry.”
“Your Church? You mean to tell me the Church elders are more concerned with the precious donations from Sherman Oakley than the welfare of a child? That is abhorrent, Father, and disgusting. Excuse my directness Father, but I would like you to leave my home now and when you see the leadership of your Church next, please pass on a message to them from me. Tell them the generous support of the Lockwood Foundation to the St James, though not as large as Sherman Oakley’s contributions, is finished. Goodbye Father.”

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