Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #3

Silver Lake

Bentley’s feelings for Avery were growing as felt in this excerpt:

On the Saturday two days later, she headed down to the streets of her neighborhood, hoping that the atmosphere would enliven her spirits. She decided to hit Millie’s Coffee House for some of the best pancakes on the West Coast and great coffee to match. Fortunately, it was just around the corner from her apartment, on Sunset Boulevard. It was ten in the morning and the place was buzzing. Mostly locals came here, but on the weekends, the odd tourist would somehow stumble upon this place, love the food, and then go home and tell everyone about it. “I guess that’s how these places become legendary,” she thought. Like most shops in Silver Lake, Millie’s was shanty-like, old and badly in need of some upgrades, but full of charm and character, which resulted in great atmosphere. The smell of the pancakes and sausages permeated the air, and the locals argued over the President’s policies, or another non-playoff year for the Dodgers, served by the colorful waitresses who had been a fixture in the restaurant for as long as the wall paper. They could take orders of food from parties of twelve and not write down a thing to remember them, and then serve the food and coffee exactly to the person who ordered it. The stories they carried in their heads from all the different people who had come and gone over the years would be a best seller, if they ever decided to write a book. Bentley loved this place and she loved Silver Lake. It was home. Maybe that is why she feared commitment. It just might take her away from this place.

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