Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #2

Robert Best and his young protege, Connor Asker, being interviewed on live radio. The interview turns out to be a deadly one for the radio DJ:

Best’s face loosened slightly as the topic moved on to the music and replied, “I produced every track on the album with no outside collaboration. You seem to forget, Nate that I am a multiple Grammy Award winning producer and I do not require input from anyone else. I might add that Connor is such an accomplished musician and singer that producing this album was one of the easiest projects I have ever done and yet will likely be my most successful. The songs were written by another client of Blackstar Studios, an extremely talented young musician and songwriter by the name of Patrick Benning. Remember that name Nate; you will want me back in the not too distant future to discuss his career.”
“Okay I will try to remember that. By the way, Mr. Best, did I tell you my name is Nathan and not Nate? Moving along, tell me about “Follow Me Follow You”, the first single of the new album. It is about a young man breaking free from the constraints in life that have held him back, either his parents maybe or school. Is there a little bit of Connor in the words of this song?”
Best’s face narrowed as he looked at him from behind the microphone dangling in his face and replied, “It’s hardly that, in fact the song encourages fans to follow Connor, to follow the example he has set, to be free. Have you even listened to the song Nate?”
Nathan suddenly felt a sense of impending doom like something terrible was about to happen. It was weird as he has never felt this before. Staring back at Best, their eyes locked for a brief second and Nathan could have sworn he’d seen Best’s eyes turn the color of a deep red. It was just for a millisecond but he definitely saw it. It was no reflection from any of the studio equipment. This f—— Best was crazier than a loon. It was time to end the interview with Best, and get Connor back on microphone. “Actually, I have listened to the song, Best, and though the song doesn’t specifically target youth to revolt from their current situation and follow Connor for whatever reason, the song sounds like it is. It’s only my opinion and who cares anyway, right? I hate social constraints as much as the next guy, but they are a necessary evil, wouldn’t you agree?”

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