Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #10

Homicide Office

Detective Showenstein of the LAPD and his cantankerous boss, Captain Bitters:

He may have had the full resources of the LAPD at his disposal for now, but Sam knew he would not have that luxury for long. Soon the department would start scaling back the overtime, reassigning detectives to other cases, and returning detectives on loan from other departments, all in response to the lack of progress on the investigation of the Chelsea Benning murder. When it slowed down, then resources were taken away. That was the nature of the beast in police work. The rule of thumb in homicide investigations was the forty-eight hour rule. Most murder cases were solved within the first forty-eight hours. Beyond that, the percentages of solving the case went down dramatically. Witnesses changed their minds because they were scared and stepped back into the shadows of their unanimity, forensic evidence deteriorated, suspects slipped through the initial dragnet of momentum when the investigators were first assigned to the case. The ‘rush’ of the first forty-eight hours was critical on many fronts. Investigators assigned to the case were super focused and their instincts were razor sharp because they knew how important the first few days were in the case. Like the evidence, they had a tendency to slow down as the case dragged on. Lack of interest and the excitement to catch the next ‘rush’ wreaked havoc. A good homicide department captain anticipated this ebb and flow and kept his team focused and motivated. Captain Bitters was the best of the best in leading a group of skilled investigators for the LAPD Homicide and Robbery Section. Turning down opportunities for promotion in other sections to stay in Homicide, Bitters became the quintessential leader of the most highly paid group of cops in the force. He chose to accept it and his attitude had improved dramatically ever since. Sam learned to respect his boss immensely and the feeling was mutual and as a result, Sam saw himself turn into a career investigator in Homicide.

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