Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt


An excerpt from the Prologue, Part 1: King Tiridates prepares his armies to battle their enemies controlled by Satan

“General, there is one more message from the King,” the officer stated, handing Abgar the second scroll. Abgar unfurled the scroll and read the second set of instructions. Its contents left him aghast. His father wanted him to march his remaining soldiers around the Tigris to the west where it ends and then south, straight into the mouth of his enemy. The enemy soldiers would be marching towards Armenia, not expecting to see Abgar’s army for days. They would be unprepared and caught off guard, giving Abgar and his men an opportunity to inflict heavy losses. They would be on the high ground when they confronted the armies from Parthia. The 50,000 soldiers would be vulnerable to the arrows that would rain down on them from above. His father had instructed the division headed by his son Davit to march east towards Abgar. He would then turn south into Parthian at Nisibis and flank the under siege and retreating Parthian army, trapping them in the crossfire of Abgar and Davit’s archers.

Abgar was to send the weakest soldiers not to meet up with Davit’s division, but to march at once northwest to fortify the fort at Tigranocerta. There the soldiers would have the protection of the castle walls while they regained their strength. Once the victory was achieved against the Parthians, Abgar and Davit’s soldiers would march directly north across Armenia to join his brother Maxim and his armies positioned along the Iberian border. All of the other brothers and their armies, if they survived their battles, were to join the rest of the divisions gathering on the Iberian border. The mother of all battles would take place on Armenia’s northern border.

Next: Satan, watches as King Tiridates, empowered by God, shreds his armies and ending his chance to cut off the head of Christianity for good.

Evil Rises

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