Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #9


The introduction of Avery Johnson, record producer and Bentley Paxton, journalist, in their first meeting together that has the sparks flying!

Lunch finished up with both of them a little nervous, filling the time with conversations about some of the interviews Bentley had done over the previous few years since she’d been in northern California. She told Avery the story of the one interview that had got away on her with Watermark a few years ago. She outlined the strange behaviour of the band members and their over-the-top manager, Robert Best.
When Avery heard the name Best, his interest was immediately piqued, and he said: “What an amazing coincidence. He was the manager of Watermark? Funny that never came up in any of the background checks I had Jenn do on him. I also had a strange encounter with that dude here in LA. I bumped into him at a club not too far from here, or actually he bumped into me. He claimed that he was an up-and-coming manager. The next thing I know, he’s in my reception area at ten the next morning with his client, Devon Devine, and telling Jenn he has an appointment with me that we had scheduled the night before in the club. I did not make an appointment with this guy. He gave me the creeps, and then seeing his client Devon Devine, who literally never said one word the whole time they were in my office was definitely unusual. Very strange.”
After a few more minutes talking about Best, Bentley noticed the time was getting up there, and she needed to get to the airport to catch her flight home. Avery paid the bill and they got up to leave, heading to the valet parking, where the attendant brought up Avery’s BMW. Both of them were quiet on the drive to the airport as they recognized the awkward feeling that comes with the discovery of mutual attraction.
Pulling up to Departures for Delta, Avery put the car in park, got out and came around to open the door for Bentley. As he reached out to shake her hand goodbye, he said: “I enjoyed my time with you, Bentley. I’m hoping you’ll be nice to me when the final edits come through for the article.” Avery chuckled at his own kidding remark, and then he continued: “Have a pleasant flight home, and I hope to talk with you soon.”
Bentley found herself reaching up and giving Avery a slight kiss on the cheek and a slight hug. She was finding it hard to say goodbye.
“I hope so, Avery. Thank you for lunch and your hospitality at your studio. Talk soon.” With that, Bentley turned and headed into the terminal, wishing she had decided to stay instead of leaving.

Evil Rises

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