Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #7

Dark Forest

The first glimpse for the readers of the twisted mind of Satan, Prince of Darkness.

Chapter 30

Man’s perception of Heaven and Hell as interpreted in the Holy Books and retold and rewritten over the course of time has been a source of great amusement to the legend mankind calls Satan, Beast, Antichrist, Lucifer, Abaddon, Prince of Darkness, Beezlebub, or now even Robert Best. I have no name. I am nameless. I am many names. I do like it, though, when I am referred to by humans as the Prince of Darkness; it sounds regal. God’s soldiers, His angels, just called me the Dark One whenever we did battle. Spiritual battle with mankind is an ongoing, day-to-day ritual in my world, something that keeps me busy every minute of every day. In the last century, the movie industry growing by leaps and bounds and man’s technology developing at warp speed have provided scintillating and comic amusement for me. I enjoy man’s movies more than anyone. I could care less about man’s ideas of what heaven would be like for them when they die, but Hollywood’s movies about their version of Hell are great fun and I enjoy them immensely. My world is not a fiery pit of burning flame where humans go to sweat and toil for an eternity in physical form. It is far worse. Like a pearl hidden in an oyster, the soul of man is the treasure. It is his spirit that I want. The pain and suffering of a tortured soul crying for salvation that will never come is the fuel that heats my furnace. The soul of man imprisoned in Hell is a beautiful thing, for I will kill and torture man’s captured souls over and over, every day, for an eternity.

Evil Rises

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