Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #6


A brutal and chaotic scene taken from Chapter 17:

As he dialed 911 back in the house, Brent heard the roaring boom from his dad’s shotgun. He became frantic as he told the 911 operator about the situation and pleaded for her to send an ambulance out to the ranch, because Brent heard three more booming blasts from the shotgun during the call. Panicking, he told the operator that he did not know the extent of the injuries, but that he had to go. He hung up the phone, grabbed the 9mm pistol from its case on the top shelf of his dad’s bedroom closet and raced out the door to the barn. Not having heard anything since the last shotgun blast, he yelled out his dad’s name, asking if he was alright as he headed for the barn doors. Hearing the sirens of what had to be the sheriff and ambulance approaching; he bolted inside the well-lit barn and immediately wished that he hadn’t. The pungent smell of gunpowder, mixed with the normal smells of the barn, was overpowering. When he reached the open door to the pen immediately to his left as he walked in the barn, he confronted an image that would be seared into his memory for as long as he lived. His dad lay in a crumpled heap on the pen floor, his head was spun completely around backwards, looking up at him, his swollen eyes reflected the horror he must have seen before he was killed. Then he saw Mel, lying on his back dead, his lifeless eyes staring straight up at the ceiling.

Evil Rises

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