Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #4


The introduction of one of the main characters, Avery Johnson. He is a powerful and influential music producer in Los Angeles and will soon be placed into the middle of the thunderstorm of popularity and controversy as the manager and producer of the superstar rock band, Vasallus. Here is the excerpt from Chapter 6 of Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises:

It was almost midnight when Avery finally left the office at Alive Records. “What a day”, thought Avery. He was exhausted. Once he got Tick Tock into the studio, it all kicked in with precision. For all his faults, Tick Tock was still a professional when it came to his music. He worked his tail off, redoing the takes over and over, overwhelming the studio musicians, but between him and Avery they made it work. The album was in the bag and ready for final editing and production. The first single, “Hunted,” featuring Spanish singing sensation Adora, would be released for radio airplay within a few weeks. He and Tick Tock would begin shooting the “Hunted” video shortly after that.
He guided his BMW down Santa Monica Boulevard towards his modest condo on North Havenhurst Boulevard in West Hollywood, only five minutes away from Alive Records. He was thinking about his phone conversation with the editor of Music Talks magazine. To appease Avery, to whom he made it very clear he had zero obligations, he would grant Avery and his record company an exclusive interview for the magazine, showcasing Alive Records as one of the most significant record labels and music producers in the industry today. He claimed that it was an article already being planned, so Avery would have gotten a call from them regardless. Yes, today was a good day; the smile on his face was drawing stares from other motorists.

Evil Rises

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