Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #3


Excerpt #3 takes readers away from the ancient time of 400 A.D. and into the modern era. Superstars is a trilogy so readers are left wondering when they read Book One, Evil Rises how does the prologue fit into the story. You have to read the entire series to see how it all comes together. That is the beauty of a trilogy, especially an epic story as big as Superstars. In this excerpt, a young couple introduced in Chapter 1 from Venezuela are viscously attacked by Satan. Readers get their first glimpse at the brutality of the demon. Here is the excerpt:

Pain flashed throughout her body, as she tried to absorb what this creature had just said. “I’ve been chosen…chosen for what? God, please just let me die,” Marie pleaded silently. She glanced at the headless corpse of Rafael only a few feet away. The enormity of the scene caused her to flinch and retch. She vomited and then began to sob uncontrollably. She had made him his favorite meal just a few minutes ago and now he lay dead and mutilated. Their dreams of starting a family together were gone. “Why is this happening?” she questioned her God silently. A sickening sound brought her attention back to the beast.

The entire room darkened, except for a soft glow surrounding the creature, terrifying her as she now beheld it standing on its hind legs with its arms extended to the ceiling. The temperature dropped to almost freezing, chilling her to the bone. With his head reared backwards, the beast began to speak, almost in a whisper; steam escaped his nostrils as he spoke, barely audibly and in a language she did not recognize. It almost sounded like Latin?

Evil Rises

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