Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #2


A great ending to the prologue of Evil Rises. The prologue is set in 400 A.D. and centers around an epic battle between King Tiridates, his seven sons and Satan. Satan’s quest to end the spread of Christianity in Armenia fails miserably and sets the tone for the remainder of the story in the Beast’s obsession in destroying mankind once and for all. Here is the excerpt:

Satan would learn to mask his spirit and hide his intentions from the Lord, just like He had done to him so masterfully. He would destroy mankind someday. He knew it would be generations before he had the chance again. The anger flowed through his spirit like a tidal wave. He could sense the spirit of God dancing around him and all over his beast-like body, celebrating His love and grace for His beloved mankind. It made the anger swell inside of him so powerfully that the Beast looked up into the heavens and roared.

King Tiridates, his sons, and the thousands of surrounding soldiers in the battlefield, were drawn to the roar of thunder coming from beyond the hillside. It sounded like a raging storm was coming upon them, but Tiridates knew better. Looking at his sons, he said: “Come, let`s get your men back home to their families”.

Evil Rises

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