Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #13


Seven year-old Brittany Campbell showing the early signs of a musical prodigy:

Brittany, in addition to her emerging beauty, had shown an incredible talent for playing musical instruments. Early on in Grade School, she was discovered all by herself in the school’s music room playing a flute which she had found in a case on the shelf. The music teacher, Tim Hallworth, was about to march Brittany down to the principal’s office for, first, being in the music room where she was not a student and second, for the unauthorized use of the school’s instruments, but then he heard her play. He leaned against the doorway and just listened. This little girl was playing the flute as if she owned it; the sound coming from it was beautiful. Upon seeing Mr. Hallworth standing there, Brittany quickly apologized and started to return the instrument to its case when the teacher called out: “Please, don’t stop! Keep going, that was beautiful, please.” he motioned for her to continue. Seven year old Brittany Campbell picked up the flute again and this time she played it. She pursed her lips and blew the right amount of air to make the instrument literally sing. A seasoned professional would have been jealous. Mr. Hallworth was dumbfounded that this young girl, who had never stepped into his class before that he knew of was so accomplished.

Evil Rises

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