Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #12


The brutal murder of Pastor Bryon Simmons:

Raising his hand, holding the cross high above his head, Byron was now just a few seconds away from reaching Lori and plunging his holy weapon into her belly, killing the Demon seed. He could glimpse movement out of the corner of his left eye. It was a security guard. He was raising a weapon and shouting. Bryon could not hear him because he too was shouting. Screaming at the medics to get out of his way, he shoved a doctor to the floor when he stepped in front of him to try to block his path to Lori. He must have seemed like a raving madman to these people, but he didn’t care, he just needed to stop them from delivering this baby. He knew he would likely have time for only one strike with his dagger into Lori, so he chose the middle of her stomach, where it swelled the highest and brought down the steel-pointed cross as hard as he could.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash coming from the hands of that security guard. Just before his hand was about to plunge into Lori’s belly, he felt a massive punch in the side of his neck that knocked him flying away from the stretcher and against the wall with such force, the steel cross flew from his hand. A split second later, he realized that it wasn’t a punch. The flash he’d seen was from the security guard’s gun. The blood spewing all over the front of him and onto the floor was from the gaping hole in his neck. He could see, but did not feel, all of the pairs of rubber-gloved hands that were pressing against the side of his neck, hands of the doctors bending over him with terrified looks on their faces.
As the life began to ebb from him, darkness filling his eyes, the remaining specks of light slipping away, Pastor Bryon Simmons of the Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming died with the knowledge that the last thing he saw was the fiery red eyes and the mocking grin of the security guard.

Evil Rises

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