Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #11


The birth of Elizabeth:

Nurses, doctors and more security officers began to file in, when a sound began to fill the room. The sound literally stopped everyone in their tracks, grabbing their attention amidst the carnage. Everyone then turned towards the baby, almost forgotten in all the craziness and violence that had taken over the room. The baby was not crying, nor was it thrashing about, but it was singing. The baby, only minutes old, was lying on the table on her side looking at everyone with bright and attentive eyes and was singing with a sound which could only be described as angelic. It was so beautiful, so unexpected, that everyone had forgotten about the events that, just moments earlier, had terrified them so much and stood transfixed at this newborn baby issuing a sound that filled the room with a beautiful melody that an orchestra could never hope to approach. Then a nurse broke the trance with the words: “This is a miracle child! A messenger from God! Listen to this baby. Have you ever heard anything like this in your life?”
Then another nurse called out as she approached the baby: “Look at the baby’s birthmark! Look, everyone!”
As they were all drawn in closer to the baby to catch a glimpse of the birthmark, the mother of this miracle baby had been shot dead just a few feet away, a nurse was dead with her neck torn open just another few feet away, the smell of gunfire still permeated the room. Dr. Berthiume and the others all saw the birthmark. It was a very unusual birthmark indeed, but it seemed appropriate. Three musical notes, almost like a tattoo, just inside her right thigh.


As the beautiful singing continued from the baby, even as the nurses began to wrap it in a warm towel, Dr. Berthiume then noticed that strange doctor who had threatened him earlier. He was standing in the room with everyone else, but he stood just behind them all, alone but staring. He was staring at him with eyes that burned a deep bright red. Glancing back at the baby as the nurses carried it from the room and then back at the strange doctor, a very frightening and bizarre thought came to Dr. Berthiume’s mind: “Maybe those musical notes on the miracle baby are not that at all. Maybe they are backwards sixes. The mark of the beast!”

Evil Rises

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