Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Evil Rises: An Excerpt #10


The terrifying birth of Elizabeth Leroux, one of the seven children of Vasallus!

He was shaken by this bizarre encounter and he really did not comprehend what was happening, so Dr. Berthiume called out for security as he watched the stranger disappear down the hallway. Suddenly, he heard a blood-curdling scream from behind him. The doctor whipped around to find that Francoise was fully awake and screaming at the top of her lungs with her back arched off the bed. He raced around to the side of the bed, reached down and grabbed Francoise’s wrist and felt her pulse. Her heart was racing. He had to calm her down and fast. Abruptly, Francoise lifted her head off the pillow and with eyes as wild as a pack of dogs and her face just inches from his, she screamed: “I told you to abort this fucking baby, Doctor, didn’t I?! You do it now, before it’s too late, do you hear me? He wants it born! He has been watching me! Do it. Do it now!”
Then she fell back onto the bed and began to convulse. She started to thrash wildly, her arms and legs flailing all around, and her IV stand toppled to the floor, setting off its automatic buzzer. It was total chaos in the room. The nurses now poured in and they were in complete shock over how the room they had left just moments before was in a complete shambles with various objects being flung about. Francoise was out of control, screaming fragmented sentences about the Devil’s baby having to die and for the doctor to kill her and the baby.
Something inside him was telling him that he needed to move quickly, as he only had minutes to spare to deliver this baby right away, as he’d been told. He barked out commands to the nurses to prepare to move her to surgery immediately. He quickly gave Francoise a powerful sedative injection to calm her down. The nurses then wheeled her out of the room and up to surgery. Following them down the hallway and around the corner to the elevators, Dr. Berthiume made a decision. He did not have the time to take the elevator up to surgery. He needed to do it right here and right now. Shouting out to the nurses guiding Francoise’s gurney, he commanded them to wheel her into the closest recovery room as they were going to do surgery right now. The nurses protested they were not set up in there for surgery. Telling them to do it anyway, he commanded another nurse to call up to surgery to have them bring down the monitors and surgical tools as he was starting right now.
Rushing into the room normally used for recovery, they quickly turned it into a surgical room. Scrubbing up for the surgery amidst the chaos, with Francoise beginning to thrash once again, demanding that the baby die, the head nurse, Suzanne Agnew, asked with a voice full of doubt and suspicion: “Dr. Berthiume, what the hell is going on? This patient is going to do damage to this baby. We have to get her up to surgery, we cannot do this here! What are you doing? She will die!”
“I must save the baby. We have no more time left. The level of stress on the fetus is too much and it will kill it. We do the surgery now. Let’s move!” In reality, the nurse was right. They did have time to move her up to surgery, but he was being compelled by a power he could not explain, but only feel, to deliver this baby within the next ninety seconds; if he didn’t, he was convinced that something terrible was going to happen here. He could not explain it, he just needed to act. As the nurses worked furiously to carry out his commands, they prepped Francoise’s stomach for surgery. Taking his scalpel, he cut into her stomach and uterus, glancing at the clock with seconds to spare. Reaching into her stomach cavity, he pulled the baby out with the nurse holding the placental sac. Cutting the umbilical cord away, he handed the silent but very much alive baby girl to another nurse so he could turn his attention to Francoise.

Next excerpt will show what happens in the hospital room when Elizabeth is born!

Evil Rises

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