Book 3 of the Superstars Trilogy – Songs for Survival is Complete!

Songs for Survival Front Cover
Finally after three years the Superstars Trilogy is complete! Book 3 was finished last week and is now in the hands of my editor. She recently had surgery so the edit will take a little longer but I hope to have the book ready for release in the next few months. It is extremely gratifying for me to complete Superstars as there were times when I thought I never would. The story is big, epic in nature and when the time came to wind the story down it was an exhilarating moment for me. The last third of the book when the story was coming to a conclusion I realized how much the characters meant to me. It was both sad and exciting to finally be done with them after writing about them the last three years.

I encourage everyone to give Superstars a try and you will not be disappointed I promise you. For such a big story that is character driven you will quickly become immersed in their plight and will want to read on to follow them. Embrace Book One and Two and the third will be ready for you when you are done the first two!

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