“I am your lineage?”


A voice as enormous as the man boomed, “He is not here Patrick. You are alone. It is just you and me.”

He snarled at him, “If you’re going to kill me, then do it, before I kill you.”

The giant expressed great mirth, the large heavy plates of armour shaking up and down as he laughed. “I am not here to kill you, Patrick. I am here to warn you.”

“Warn me about what? Who are you?”

The energy flowing from the massive blade flowed through him, completely immobilizing him, powerless to resist. The soldier continued, “I am Babken, son of King Tiridates, soldier of the Lord, Our God. Your mother Patrick, and you, are the direct descendants of the great King.”

Patrick was in disbelief, “I am your lineage?”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

Let’s enjoy the show and not talk about Best anymore tonight

stage lightsHe pulled her closer to him and reassured her: “All we can do is try to hang in there. We have to keep an eye on them until Father O’Sullivan and the detective find a way through this. We need to keep them safe from each other and the best way to do that is keep them immersed in their music. Whether it’s out here on stage or in the studio, when they are performing they are safe from each other and the world is safe from them.”

He watched her look at him, with her eyes glowing from the sparkle of the stage lights, when she declared: “We could just run. Get away from all of this. Go somewhere far away where we cannot be found by Best. Please Avery; let’s just go, right now.”

The chaos of the music and the crowd swirled around them while he held her close and looked deep into her eyes before he answered: “You know we cannot do that. We cannot leave them. We are their only hope until the others get here. We will be safe till the end of the European Tour at least. Best needs the both of us to keep this thing going and only we can ensure that it does so we are safe for now. Trust me sweetheart, we will be okay and somehow we must trust that Father O’Sullivan will find a way to defeat Best and end this horror and set these kids free. We have to believe in that.”

She squeezed him back and said, “You’re right. Let’s enjoy the show and not talk about Best anymore tonight, okay?”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

Don’t threaten me, Best

black hole“I’m not asking you, Avery. I’m telling you. Do as I say, and do it well, or you know what the consequences will be.”

“Don’t threaten me, Best. You are all encompassing, are you not? You can put together your own benefit concert. I’ll look for something better to do, like maybe, finding a way to destroy you.”

He was getting annoyed with Johnson and this conversation: “Let me ask you a question. Since you’re the best music manager and producer in the industry, can Vasallus excel with five members as well as the six of them? One less female singer shouldn’t affect the harmonies, will it? I have been thinking the Irish lilt in the vocals is a bit distractive to the overall sound. What do you think Avery?”

“I think you should crawl back into that black hole from where you come and stay there. I think when you do, the Lord will cover that hole and snap a heavenly lock on it that from which you will never break free.”

The mention of His name in this conversation infuriated Him. He was done playing games with this human: “The luck of the Irish just ran out, Johnson. Chloë’s death is on your hands.”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

“Why was my hair suddenly white?

mirror“What are you talking about? What’s wrong with my hair? Who cares about my hair anyway? What just happened to us Bentley?” He leaned up in the bed, instinctively running his hand through his hair. It felt normal, it was still there. What was she talking about? She gazed at him strangely, and then suggested: “Go look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. It’s incredible.”

Thinking that there must be something growing out of the side of his head, he flew out of bed and into the bathroom. He flicked on the light and stepped in front of the bathroom mirror. He thought his jaw would drop straight to the floor and shatter into a thousand pieces on the hard tile. All he could do was mumble the words: “Oh shit!”

What he found staring back at him was an image of himself, normal in every aspect except for one thing. His hair was completely white. Snow-white to be precise.

As he turned back towards the bedroom, the only thought running through his mind was: “Why was my hair suddenly white?”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

Do You See What I See?

Shining Star

A star, a star shining in the night! Do you remember that song? I do and it reminds me how frustrating it can be when you write a book and you’re trying to get others to read it. Reviews are fantastic, readers that have read your book love your book. So what’s the problem?

Taking it to the next level is the problem. There is no juggernaut publishing marketing team positioning your book. It is up to you, the independent and self-published author who has to do the heavy lifting. Finding an audience for your books is a daunting challenge. To navigate these rough seas we need help. Even if your book is fantastic those seas are still rough.

Any takers?

Her voice rang with fear. Excerpt from Songs for Survival

fearIt was Beth who spoke the chilling words: “Do you think it was Best who was responsible for the earthquake in India and the tsunami in the Philippines?”

No one wanted to respond to Beth’s question, the magnitude behind it was too much to bear. The brief silence was broken by Bentley.

Bentley, her voice ringing with fear, whispered: “Where is Father O’Sullivan? We need him now more than ever. He holds the key to all of this. I feel there is something very powerful around him when I am in his presence. Can you believe how much he has changed?”

Sam responded: “He has left for Rome. When we left the mansion a few days ago, he instructed me to take him to LAX at once. He said he would be in touch then climbed out of the car and disappeared into the terminal. Something happened to him at the mansion that forced him to leave at once for Rome.”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

Determination Equals Focus Equals Discipline!


After many attempts to write that story you’ve been thinking about for so long you are now at a point where you are determined to get it done. You have reached that ‘fixed direction to an end’ but yet you find yourself stalling once again and the story remains locked inside of your brain. What is the key to setting your determination into real action? Well, take comfort in knowing that determination means you won’t quit. You will always make another attempt. Finding your focus is one of those keys. Zeroing in on the task at hand, blocking out distractions and making the decisions that will force you to act is true in all endeavors. The same holds true in your determination to begin writing that story. The other key is discipline. Not allowing distractions steal your determination and cloud your focus requires discipline.

Master these qualities and you will see your writing proliferate.

Now he will destroy all of you. Excerpt from Songs for Survival

old red phone“Mr. Oakley, this is Avery Johnson. Thank you for taking my call. I…” He was interrupted by Oakley on the other end of the line before he could finish his last sentence.

“Avery, listen to me. Your life and the life of Ms. Paxton are in danger.”

Now Avery interrupted: “What are you talking about? My life is in danger? I called you to discuss the financial commitment you made with Vasallus.”

The voice on the other end of the line sounded scared and desperate: “Forget about my financial commitment. I could care less. I’m ruined anyway. He made sure of that. He will kill you. He will kill all of us.”

“Sherman, get a hold of yourself. What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?”

“Best, you fool! He’s destroyed my companies and now he will destroy all of you.”

A cold fear zinged through Avery’s body as he listened to Oakley. “Sherman, you are one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. How could Best ruin your companies?”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

He was evil. Pure evil. Songs for Survival Excerpt

blazing red eyes of Patrick Benning The blazing red eyes of Patrick Benning sitting on the leather recliner in his living room scared him to the core; it was so unexpected; he struggled to find his breath. The boy was nothing like the charming kid he had just witnessed at the press conference. He was evil. Pure evil. He would die here in his home, either by the heart attack or from this creature.

In mere seconds, the Benning kid transformed himself into a hideous and monstrous entity. It flew out of the chair with incredible speed, its talon-like claws slammed into his chest and through his already dying heart. He felt the back of his head crack as the force of the blow sent the two of them into the wall. He felt his own blood erupt from his mouth like vomit. The burning red eyes of the creature from Hell bore into his and before his own eyes closed for the final time, he heard the beast scream out: “This is for thinking my talent was given to me by God. Die you old fool knowing the world you are leaving will never be the same. The Prince of Darkness, my God, will destroy it.”

As the final seconds of his life ebbed from his soul, Ted Lisko, the respected journalist from Rolling Stone magazine, took one final sound with him into his next life. The roaring and evil laughter of the beast echoed inside of his brain as the blackness of this life ending settled in.

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!

Dive Right In!


Starting a new book can be daunting. So much so it can delay you even beginning to write. The sheer scope of the work ahead of you is a deterrent, a distraction and a fairly large obstacle to overcome before you finally sit down and begin. Has anyone else experienced that? Especially if you have written books before then you know for sure how much work is ahead of you. I admit that this road block has played havoc with my mind in starting my new novel. I keep telling myself I am going to start writing and then that energy is quickly replaced with the realism of what is ahead of me and as a result I delay my writing for another day. Days, weeks and even months can easily slip away while you gather the necessary mental energy to just ‘Dive right in’.

I finally made the decision to start to write the new book. All the thoughts of the task ahead of me were pushed to the side with the excitement of finally writing those first words. Then those first few words turn into many words and a chapter is born. Then another and another. I then find myself asking ‘why did it take me so long to start writing the new book’?

Overcome obstacles by being stronger than the negative thoughts that slow you down and stop you from doing the difficult things.