Avery Johnson – A Successful and Fierce Executive

When I wrote Avery Johnson, one of the main characters throughout the three books of Superstars, I had a vision in my head of this successful and fierce music executive but who also had a big heart. To see this character develop throughout the story is a real point of pride for myself. I wanted to make this character smart, bold and a no nonsense executive but at the same time show he also has a real vulnerable side. He falls in love with the beautiful journalist Bentley Paxton and pursues her and discovers their careers will keep them apart. I wanted to show the reader that even though he was tough in the boardroom he was also a mans man. He treats Bentley with class and does not push her into a relationship, instead letting the course of time and a dose of fate bring them back together.

I wanted to show through Avery, you can be strong and sometimes brutal but not lose touch with who you are. In the real world a guy like Avery would be a woman dream man, rich, successful but also caring and compassionate. Very few flaws. He is a hero but he also has limitations that any man would and how he stands up against an insurmountable enemy with the courage and strength of a gladiator to protect the woman he loves and the children under his care is truly one of the most enjoyable characters I have ever written. Avery is a character that all men who read the books can strive to be like.
Music Executive

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