Are You Really a Writer?


New authors sometimes question whether or not they are a writer…yet? They feel uncomfortable calling themselves that because they subconsciously think they are automatically putting themselves in the same league as a ‘James Patterson’. Or they feel they do not qualify, after just one book, to call themselves a writer. Some new authors believe until you are actually making a living writing and publishing that you cannot call yourself a writer.

That’s all hogwash. I believe the minute you make the decision to ‘write’ something and complete it, whether its a novel, short story or an article then you are a ‘writer’ and you should start calling yourself that. Its not based on your book sales or the fact you still have a ‘day job’. Call yourself a writer and tell others that you are a ‘writer’. Because that’s what you are and be very, very proud of that. You have accomplished something very few people have done. You have put yourself out there by putting your name to something that others will read and potentially critique.

I am working on my fourth novel and I have been calling myself a writer the moment I decided to write my very first book. It is what I am passionate about. I don’t call myself a golfer because I don’t golf. I don’t call myself a sailor because I have never sailed. I call myself a writer because I write almost every single day.

So I challenge all of you to stop denying what you really are and that is a writer! Speak it and you will believe it and you will become a better writer.

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