Ann Lockwood – Superstars Most Memorable Heroine!

Writing the character of Ann Lockwood, mother of Michael Lockwood of Vasallus, was a great experience for me. It is not easy writing a female character and give it full merit that reflects her strength and courage. I hope I have achieved that because she is one of the most important characters in a book series full of characters. Ann is a rich socialite from London, but carries herself with dignity and class. Readers are left wondering if she survived her ordeal in Book One. She not only survives she flourishes in Book Two, showing incredible courage and determination as she fights for the survival of her son, Michael. Her fierce determination to protect her son, against all odds, is a story line that all of us get excited about. Reading the books, readers will gravitate instantly to her bravery and as a writer, I know I have done my job, create characters that readers can identify with and compare to real life people with the same attributes. Do you know an Ann Lockwood in real life? Read the books and get into the characters because they are what drives Superstars. The character of Ann Lockwood will take you on an incredible journey!

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