About Errol

Errol BarrDo you believe in miracles! Errol Barr certainly does and this core belief is expertly used in his trilogy novel series, Superstars. The suspense and tension leading up to a miracle being unleashed in the epic Superstars story leave readers stunned and breathless and wanting more. Rarely does such a large story keep readers so engaged but Errol has mastered the art of suspense that makes the pages fly by.

Errol was born in Emerson, Manitoba, Canada and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Raised in a family rich in Irish background, Errol obtained his Irish citizenship in 2010. Errol has worked at both the Provincial Government and the Federal Government levels in his professional career.

Errol always had a dream and a passion to write, attempting to write a book when he was in his early 20’s. He landed some paid gigs writing marketing articles for a leading software provider when he finally made the decision to write his fictional trilogy beginning with book one Evil Rises in the winter of 2011 and completing the book later the same year. Errol released Book Two of the trilogy, Vasallus in May 2013. He completed the epic story with the release of Book Three, Songs for Survival in early 2014.

Currently, Errol is working on his latest project, Under The Sea, a suspense-filled, bone-chilling horror fest that will take readers to places they have never been before! Under The Sea will be released in late 2018!

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