A new category in a book genre…Inspirational Fiction!


When I completed the Superstars Trilogy I re-thought about the genre that the Superstars story truly fits into and I found it very difficult to place it into one distinct category. Yes, it has demonic elements and copious amounts of violence so does that mean the series should be classified as horror? There is tremendous stories of hope, courage and a higher power so should the series be classified as Christian?

Readers have stated the books were the most suspenseful reading they have come across in a very long time. Does that mean Superstars should be classified as a suspense thriller? The story revolves around strong characters in their late teens so should the series be classified as YA?

I like the idea of a new category. A new genre. I have begun to hear the buzzword of inspirational fiction and I like that very much. For now I think I will try and fit the series into that category because they are exactly that…fiction that inspires!

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