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“Can I call you Father?” Book Excerpt from Songs for Survival

Can I call you father?“Can I call you Father?”

“Yes you may. In fact I would like it if you called me that. Father is a good name.”

“Are Brittany and Michael here too? I heard them earlier. They sounded very scared. Did you talk to them as well and reassure them Father?”

“I have and they are as happy as you are now. Finding out the beautiful truth of your life is an incredible thing, Chloë, don’t you think?”

“I agree Father. What happens now? Can I stay here now? I would like that. I have enough to think about to last forever. The clarity of mind here is what I want and what I need Father.”

“You will be returning to your earthly form, Chloë. There is much to do. We have to save the world from God’s final fury. We are the saviors to the millions of people who do not know what you know. Do you understand?”

“Is that the purpose of Vasallus? Is that why you created me Father? Are we to save people for you? To save them from God’s impending doom?”

“That is exactly what you are meant to do, Chloë. You are to save millions of people from God. It is a beautiful thing, Chloë. Are you ready?”

“Yes I am Father.”

**This is an excerpt from the third book in the Superstars Trilogy. Get your copy at Amazon!