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Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #5


A heated exchange between Ann Lockwood and the family priest:

Looking at her sitting there, all alone in this big house with her son, having lived through so much tragedy, David’s heart went out to her when he replied: “Ann, I am so sorry. I knew your father was planning something drastic, but I never thought he would take it this far and the timing is appalling. Sherman is a very determined man, Ann, and I must warn you, he will not stop until Michael is safely in his permanent care.”
She was furious when she replied: “The nerve of that son-of-a-bitch, excuse me, Father. He had nothing to do with the raising of Michael, ever. He has invited Michael to Oakley family gatherings over the years, but they are few and far between. Michael barely knows him!”
David shifted in his chair, so he could look at Ann directly, when he replied: “Ann, you are right in what you say, it’s outrageous. Your father is a very powerful man with deep connections right up to the Royal Family. He will stop at nothing and the power of his money and influence will know no boundaries, Ann.”
She looked at him with a look that David could not avoid, a look of disgust directed at him. “Father, you are his priest. Talk to him for Christ’s sakes and tell him Michael belongs with his mother. He is almost sixteen years old, his musical career is exploding and he needs me now more than ever. It’s just been him, and I, all these years since he was born. We are survivors Father, and be damned if I will let my power hungry, ruthless and heartless father ruin Michael’s life. I won’t. That is exactly what he will do if he gets his hands on Michael. He will force him into giving up his music to come and work for Oakley Steel.”
Cringing at Ann’s choice of words in using the Lord’s name in vain, he suppressed it because she was right. Sherman, would do exactly what she said by making Michael work in the family business rather than allowing him to continue to pursue what he was born to be, a musician. “Ann, the Church will not allow me to get involved in this matter; my hands are tied, and I am sorry.”
“Your Church? You mean to tell me the Church elders are more concerned with the precious donations from Sherman Oakley than the welfare of a child? That is abhorrent, Father, and disgusting. Excuse my directness Father, but I would like you to leave my home now and when you see the leadership of your Church next, please pass on a message to them from me. Tell them the generous support of the Lockwood Foundation to the St James, though not as large as Sherman Oakley’s contributions, is finished. Goodbye Father.”

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Book Two of the Superstars Trilogy, Vasallus: An Excerpt #4

An unexpected and violent encounter with Robert Best, the Prince of Darkness:

Peter Highfield, personal assistant and security guard for Ann and Michael Lockwood, guided the Mercedes Benz through traffic for the short ride back to Ann’s downtown estate. Pulling the sleek sedan into the underground parking complex below the massive condo, Peter made his way up to his office quarters, which was part of the 7500 square foot residence. He had work to do that he wanted to complete before going back to the airport to pick up Ann and Michael. She had instructed him to use his contacts to do a complete work-up on the American music superstar, Connor Asker. She wanted to know everything about him, including his age, where he was born, where he was raised, and a full intel package. Peter felt like he was planning the assassination protocol for a foreign dignitary. What was all the interest in these young music stars anyway? Last week, she had had him research Chloë McClosky from Ireland.
Finding any information on McClosky proved more difficult than he had anticipated, but through his contacts in the Garda, he was able to dig up some interesting facts. He learned that Chloë’s birth parents had been viciously murdered and that the baby had been placed in the care of the Roman Catholic Church. A Father Thomas O’Sullivan had overseen her care through Sister Beatrice McGarrigle, who was assigned by Father O’Sullivan to raise Chloë. The girl was now fifteen years old, a very accomplished singer and very well known in her native country. Outside of Ireland, she was relatively unknown.
He entered the massive condo through his own private entrance, which led directly into his living area and office. Entering his office, he threw his jacket and keys on the coat rack as he made his way to his desk and the work he needed to get done. To obtain the information he needed on Asker, he would reach out to a contact in the U.S. Secret Service whom he had met almost seven years ago, when he was stationed in the British MI5. Assigned to the Prime Minister’s security detail at the G8 Summit in the United States, Peter was briefed by the Secret Service agent regarding all aspects of the security measures in place for the Summit site in the State of Georgia. A friendship had developed between the two of them that had lasted ever since. It had been awhile since they last spoke, but he hoped he hadn’t yet retired. He picked up the phone and was about to dial, when a voice behind him almost made him jump out of his skin.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Highfield, you look like you were about to start working on something important.”
Years of training in highly stressful conditions hardly prepares you for a completely unsuspecting surprise shock. Training does, however, give you the tools to recover in mere seconds with a clear mind to react to that shock. Peter already had his Glock 9mm pistol shoulder high and aimed at the stranger dressed in a business suit sitting casually on the couch at the far end of his office. “You have ten seconds to tell me who the fuck you are and what you are doing in my office.”

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A new category in a book genre…Inspirational Fiction!


When I completed the Superstars Trilogy I re-thought about the genre that the Superstars story truly fits into and I found it very difficult to place it into one distinct category. Yes, it has demonic elements and copious amounts of violence so does that mean the series should be classified as horror? There is tremendous stories of hope, courage and a higher power so should the series be classified as Christian?

Readers have stated the books were the most suspenseful reading they have come across in a very long time. Does that mean Superstars should be classified as a suspense thriller? The story revolves around strong characters in their late teens so should the series be classified as YA?

I like the idea of a new category. A new genre. I have begun to hear the buzzword of inspirational fiction and I like that very much. For now I think I will try and fit the series into that category because they are exactly that…fiction that inspires!

Start Reading the Superstars Trilogy!

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Start by reading Book One of The Superstars Trilogy! Book one, Evil Rises, opens in 400 AD, as courageous King Tiridates of Armenia and his seven sons, empowered by God, turn back Satan’s plan to stop the spread of Christianity. Ever since this epic defeat, Satan has been plotting his revenge. Now he is ready to unleash a diabolical plan to destroy man once and for all. He will spawn seven children from around the world who will grow into young musical geniuses and coalesce into a superstar rock band. Harnessing the hypnotic charisma of popular music and the power of modern media, Satan will make this supergroup so popular, so influential, that the youth of the world will fall under his spell – and soon everyone else. Satan is convinced faith and courage are powerless against him. But sometimes faith and courage are all it takes to turn everyday people into heroes.

mysteryIn Ireland, Thomas O’Sullivan, family priest to Grew and Katherine McClosky, is horrified when Katherine is raped and viciously beaten. Clinging to life, Katherine gives birth to Chloe, who fills the delivery room with the sound of angels singing. . . .

In Los Angeles, music producer Avery Johnson and journalist Bentley Paxton become suspicious of hotshot music mogul Robert Best, whose strange behavior, and even stranger clients, leave them cold. . . .

Evil Rises presents blistering, page-by-page terror, unexpected heroism, the inside world of pop music and an epic struggle that will leave you clamoring for Book Two, Vasallus!

So what are you waiting for? Order direct from the author and get an autographed copy!